Fends 5 season

Season 5: 1998-1999

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# Total Image Title Writer Director Original Airdate
1 98 5x01 Ross Sleeps «The One After Ross Says Rachel« Seth Kurland Kevin S. Bright September 24, 1998
Ross‘s nuptials continue after his slip-of-the-tongue but wedded bliss doesn’t follow. Monica and Chandler try continuing their affair but can’t steal a moment alone.
2 99 5x02 Water breaks «The One With All The Kissing« Wil Calhoun Gary Halvorson October 1, 1998
Ross‘s attempts at reconciling with Emily go unheeded. Chandler and Monica‘s affair is challenged by their «Not-in-New York» rule.
3 100 5x03 Phoebe triplets «The One Hundredth« Marta Kauffman & David Crane Kevin S. Bright October 8, 1998
Phoebe is rushed to the hospital, where triplets are born. Joey gets hospitalized next — when his sympathy labor pains turn out to be kidney stones. An unsuspecting Rachel arranges a date for Monica with a male nurse.
4 101 5x04 Joey phone «The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS« Michael Curtis Shelley Jensen October 15, 1998
Phoebe resents Joey‘s PBS telethon gig because of a long-running grudge she holds against the network. To cover up her affair with Chandler, Monica tells Rachel she’s dating someone from work.
5 102 5x05 Phoebe Rachel «The One With The Kips« Scott Silveri Dana De Vally Piazza October 29, 1998
Monica and Chandler go to Atlantic City for a weekend by themselves. Ross tries to tell Rachel they can’t be friends once Emily arrives in New York.
6 103 5x06 Danny and Rachel «The One With The Yeti« Alexa Junge Gary Halvorson November 5, 1998
While rummaging in the storage room, Monica and Rachel meet a hairy neighbor they first mistake for a yeti. To smooth things over with Emily, Ross agrees to de-Rachelize his apartment.
7 104 5x07 I think this is it «The One Where Ross Moves In« Perry Rein & Gigi McCreery Gary Halvorson November 12, 1998
With his marriage on the rocks, Ross moves in with Chandler and Joey. Rachel is convinced that her neighbor Danny is trying to seduce her with mind games.
8 105 5x08 Monica turkey «The One With All The Thanksgivings« Gregory S. Malins Kevin S. Bright November 19, 1998
The gang reminisces about their worst Thanksgivings. Phoebe‘s takes her back to 1862. Elaborate tales are spun to try and uncover Monica‘s worst memory.
9 106 5x09 Ross cotton candy «The One With Ross’ Sandwich« Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen Gary Halvorson December 10, 1998
Ross is enraged when someone at work steals his Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich. Joey threatens to crack under the strain of knowing about Monica and Chandler‘s affair.
10 107 5x10 Baths getting cold «The One With The Inappropriate Sister« Shana Goldberg-Meehan Dana De Vally Piazza December 17, 1998
Monica maneuvers Rachel and Danny into dating but Rachel has second thoughts after observing Danny’s unusually close relationship with his sister.
11 108 5x11 Ross problem «The One With All The Resolutions« Teleplay by Suzie Villandry, Story by Brian Boyle Joe Regalbuto January 7, 1999
As the new year approaches, everyone makes resolutions, some more realistic than others. Ross‘s resolution causes him to wear hot leather pants on a date…perhaps too hot.
12 109 5x12 Work laughs «The One With Chandler’s Work Laugh« Alicia Sky Varinaitis Kevin S. Bright January 21, 1999
Monica uncovers the fake laugh Chandler reserves for his boss‘s bad jokes. Rachel is upset that Monica hasn’t ‘fessed up about her affair. Word comes of Emily‘s remarriage plans.
13 110 5x13 Mans bag «The One With Joey’s Bag« Teleplay by Seth Kurland, Story by Michael Curtis Gail Mancuso February 4, 1999
When Rachel helps Joey change his image to help him land an acting gig, she includes a shoulder bag that’s rather purselike. Phoebe is shocked when her dad attends her grandmother‘s funeral.
14 111 5x14 Chandler and Monica get caught «The One Where Everybody Finds Out« Alexa Junge Michael Lembeck February 11, 1999
When Phoebe finds out about the Monica/Chandler affair, she tests Chandler via flirtation. Ugly Naked Guy‘s apartment goes up for rent and Ross wants it.
15 112 5x15 Ouch «The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey« Adam Chase Kevin S. Bright February 18, 1999
When Joey starts dating Katie, he finds she packs a painful punch. Rosshas trouble making friends with his new neighbors.
16 113 TOW The Cop «The One With The Cop« Teleplay by Gigi McCreery & Perry Rein, Story by Alicia Sky Varinaitis Andrew Tsao February 25, 1999
Phoebe finds a police badge inside the Central Perk sofa. Rather than return it, she decides to embark on a «good-deeds» campaign. Joey is unnerved by his romantic dream about Monica.
17 114 5x17 Inadvertent «The One With Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss« Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen Shelley Jensen March 18, 1999
After a job interview, Rachel impulsively kisses her potential boss on the cheek. Phoebe and Gary vie for «steamiest-affair» with Monica and Chandler.
18 115 5x18 Smoking «The One Where Rachel Smokes« Michael Curtis Todd Holland April 8, 1999
Rachel takes up smoking at her new job as a way of making inroads with the boss. Ross‘s son Ben joins Joey on an audition for a soup commerical.
19 116 5x19 Rachel talks to Caitlin «The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt« Doty Abrams Gail Mancuso April 22, 1999
Joey‘s Italian-speaking grandma joins the gang in watching his Law & Order debut. Ross decides to order lots and lots of pizza in order to flirt with the delivery girl.
20 117 TOWT Ride Along «The One With The Ride-Along« Shana Goldberg-Meehan & Seth Kurland Gary Halvorson April 29, 1999
As Emily‘s wedding nears, the group does its best to distract Ross. A gunshot and a meatball sandwich take center stage when the guys go out on the beat with Phoebe‘s cop boyfriend.
21 118 TOWTheBall «The One With The Ball« Teleplay by Greg Malins, Story by Scott Silveri Gary Halvorson May 6, 1999
Phoebe asks Chandler to talk Gary out of asking her to move in with him. To fulfill a childhood dream, Rachel buys a sphinx cat which doesn’t behave as planned.
22 119 5x22 Joey Balloons «The One With Joey’s Big Break« Teleplay by Wil Calhoun, Story by Shana Goldberg-Meehan Gary Halvorson May 13, 1999
Joey is excited about landing a lead role in a movie shooting just outside Las Vegas — but furious with Chandler after he confesses his doubts that it will be his «big break».
23 120 TOInVegasPt1 «The One In Vegas, Part 1« Andrew Reich & Ted Cohen Kevin S. Bright May 20, 1999
After his film gig falls through, Joey begs Chandler not to visit. But when Monica decides to celebrate her one-year anniversary with Chandler in Vegas, no one wants to be left behind.
24 121 TOInVegasPt2 «The One In Vegas, Part 2« Greg Malins & Scott Silveri Kevin S. Bright May 20, 1999
Joey tries to convince a blackjack dealter with identical hands to join him in a business venture. While playing craps with Monica, Chandler makes the bet of a lifetime.

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